Do You Have Air Quality Concerns? How Air Purification Systems Help

Indoor air quality is important to homeowners, especially those who suffer from allergies or asthma.  Air purification is a proven way to eliminate bothersome materials from the air to increase your quality of life at home.

Indoor air is typically dirtier that the air outside because homes are a source of air contaminants.  Mold can grow from moisture inside, and forced-air heating and cooling systems can circulate dust particles and bacteria through your air.  Pollen can easily come through open doors and windows, and pets bring in all kinds of dander.  Reducing these pollutants in the air can alleviate certain health problems.

The best and most efficient air purification systems can be installed directly into your home’s air system.  They are special filters that catch a much higher percentage of pollutants than regular air filters.  They are often measured by their capability to capture a large percentage of particles over 0.3 micrometers in size.

These filters are typically placed between the return duct and the furnace.  This allows the filter to catch any contaminants before they can cause damage to the furnace by accumulating on the inside coils.  It is important to replace or clean your filters as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure they continue performing as optimally as possible.  Media type filters should be replaced when they get dirty, but it does no good to change a clean filter.  Media type filters get more efficient when they get some dirt on them.  See The Truth About Filters for more information.

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