Why A Good Heat Pump Might Be A Better Fit Than High Efficiency A/C For Corpus Christi Homes

Most people assume that a high efficiency A/C gets the best results over any other system. There are cases, however, where the highest efficiency air conditioner doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best system. HVAC contractors in the Corpus Christi area have to take into consideration regional factors unique to the South Texas climate. That means that systems must work with mild winters and get a handle on humidity. In light of those needs, that doesn’t always mean a high efficiency A/C works best.

Instead, a heat pump is often recommended because it is highly efficient in mild winters and it’s good at handling humidity. They also include a bonus: because heat pumps do not actually generate energy (hot or cold air), they are highly efficient systems that offer homeowners energy savings.

Heat pumps are used with both heating and cooling functions. While the “heat” in heat pump can be misleading, it’s actually an apt term for the system because its basic function is to transfer heat. In the summer, a heat pump grabs heat from inside the home and “pumps” it back outside. In the winter, they are adept at absorbing heat from the outside and transferring it inside.

Because Texas winters are milder, a heat pump can efficiently extract hot air from the outside. In colder climates, like in the Northeast for example, a heat pump is generally not recommended.

Because a heat pump is about three and a half times more efficient than electric heat in the heating mode and about the same efficiency as a regular air conditioner in the cooling mode, a heat pump will usually pay back the difference in cost in about two years.  This makes it a very good investment in our area if you have electric heat.

Take advantage of high efficiency with a heat pump for your cooling needs. The experts at CCAC Air Conditioning and Heating are available to answer your heat pump and air conditioning questions. Call them anytime.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information, click here to download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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