Efficient Cooling — The Role Of Equipment Sizing And Thermostat Settings

Efficient Cooling -- The Role Of Equipment Sizing And Thermostat SettingsWith the peak cooling season just around the corner, Corpus Christi residents are starting to turn their attention to efficient cooling and possible air conditioning upgrades. While replacing an older A/C with a new high-efficiency model is a sure way to boost energy savings long term, that plan can backfire if you fail to properly size your equipment.

Equipment sizing

Many homeowners (and inexperienced HVAC technicians) make the mistake of simply choosing a new system based on the parameters of their previous unit. Unfortunately,  this has proven to be an inaccurate means of sizing equipment.

Many older systems were sized larger because homes used to be less efficient, so it took a larger A/C unit to keep up with the cooling load. These days, homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, and even most older homes have been upgraded for efficient cooling and heating. At the same time, modern A/C equipment is usually a good deal more efficient than the older models. You get more bang for your buck.

The result is that today’s homes don’t need larger systems to achieve optimal efficiency. That’s why it’s so important to have your technician perform a proper load calculation using a trusted procedure such as the  Manual J from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). This ensures that the high-efficiency system you install can reach its full potential.

Thermostat settings

Even if upgrading your equipment isn’t in the cards, there are other ways to achieve efficient cooling, such as adopting an energy-savings plan at the thermostat.

Of course, every family (and probably family member) will have different preferences. Try backing off from your normal settings one degree at a time to get some idea of how far you can go before noticing a difference in comfort. This will give you a base comfort zone from which you can adjust as needed.

In most cases installing The AC-Enhancer can increase the humidity removal of your existing air conditioning system enough so that you can raise the temperature setting by a degree or two and maintain the same comfort level.  Raising the temperature one degree in the summer time can save 6 to 8% on your cooling bill.

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