What Dehumidification Options Are Best For Your Corpus Christi-area Home?

What Dehumidification Options Are Best For Your Corpus Christi-area Home?If you’re tired of the discomfort, mildew growth, and pests the Corpus Christi area’s humidity can bring, it may be time to look into home dehumidification. The amount of humidity your air conditioner removes is rarely enough. In fact, some of the very same design techniques that make today’s high-SEER air conditioners so energy-efficient also worsen humidity issues.

As a result, you may not get the full benefit of your high-efficiency A/C. If you find you’re turning your A/C down to 74 degrees or lower just to stay comfortable, it could be a sign you have a humidity problem and you’re wasting energy. For this, there are several possible solutions.

The AC-Enhancer

The average central air conditioning system has two main problems:

  1. It takes eight to 10 minutes to reach maximum dehumidification efficiency.
  2. The coil retains moisture after the system shuts off. When the system starts again, this moisture is blown back into the air.

With The AC-Enhancer, your system’s condensing unit can cool the indoor evaporator coil below the dew point (the temperature at which water vapor becomes liquid) before the blower turns on. This reduces the amount of moisture blown off the coil and re-evaporated into the air. It also lets the compressor start with a lighter load so it reaches its maximum efficiency within two minutes.

A dehumidifier uses two coils similar to an air conditioner’s to condense humidity out of the air. Both portable and whole-house designs are available. While portable dehumidifiers cost less, they can cover only one room. They also need to be emptied at least once a day or fitted with a drain line.

For efficient dehumidification throughout your home, a whole-house dehumidifier is a better option. This model is installed in conjunction with your air conditioning system and drains water outdoors or directly through your plumbing system. Whichever type of dehumidifier you choose, you’ll want to set it to try and maintain about 50% relative humidity in the home.

At CCAC, Inc. we’ll be happy to help you find the ideal dehumidification equipment for your needs and budget. If you’re in the Corpus Christi area, contact us today.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Corpus Christi, Texas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about dehumidification options and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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