Is Preventative HVAC Maintenance a Good Investment?

Is Preventative HVAC Maintenance a Good Investment?Your HVAC system consumes about half of your home’s energy-budget. This is quite a slice, but it’s a necessary monthly investment to ensure home comfort. Regular HVAC maintenance is an important investment. If you’re wondering what exactly preventative HVAC maintenance entails and if it’s a wise investment, keep reading.

What Exactly Is Preventative Maintenance?

Professional preventative maintenance is much more than just a tune-up. The objectives of preventative HVAC maintenance are as follows:

  • Inspect and test all HVAC components for wear and function.
  • Ensure efficient performance by testing HVAC operations in all modes, such as cool, heat, fan, ventilation and zoning.
  • Identify potential problems before they cause or become larger repair issues.
  • Notify the homeowner of potential or existing problems in their HVAC system, and offer advice on how to proceed.

Is Preventative Maintenance a Good Investment?

The differences between a well-maintained HVAC system and a neglected system are dramatic, and they cross-over into other home systems. If your A/C isn’t performing efficiently, your home is at risk of excessive indoor humidity and moisture. If your air filter isn’t changed frequently, indoor air quality can suffer and affect occupants.

Preventative HVAC maintenance is also a great investment to lower energy bills, increase home comfort and maximize the lifespan of your heat pump, A/C and furnace. If your heat-exchange coils aren’t regularly cleaned and your refrigerant charge isn’t checked, cooling and heating efficiency can fall dramatically.

Your compressor must be inspected for wear and function, or eventually you may have a repair-or-replace dilemma on your hands. If you own a gas furnace, safety is a major factor. All combustion components and functions must be inspected and tested, as well as smoke and CO detectors.

At the end of the day, preventative maintenance saves you money, repair headaches and helps ensure safe HVAC functions in your Coastal Bend home. Find out first-hand why preventative HVAC maintenance is a great investment by contacting the experts at CCAC in South Texas!

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Corpus Christi, Texas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). For more information about preventative HVAC maintenance and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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