Increase Comfort and Efficiency with Insulation in These Areas

Increase Comfort and Efficiency with Insulation in These AreasInsulation is one of the most important building materials for indoor comfort and energy efficiency. In summer, it keeps the heat out and in cooler winter months, it prevents heat loss. Take the right steps towards energy efficiency in your home by ensuring the following areas are sufficiently insulated.


The attic is a primary source for heat loss or heat gain in a home. In summer, heat radiates from inadequately insulated attics down through the ceiling, the walls and into the home, driving up cooling costs. In winter, heat rises and is lost from the home through the attic. Insulate the attic using loose-fill or batt insulation made of fiberglass, cellulose or wool insulation placed over and between the floor joists.

Don’t forget to insulate the attic hatch, which should be insulated with rigid foam insulation.

Exterior Walls

Poorly insulated exterior walls also allow heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. Batts are commonly used here, but you will gain the best results by using rigid foam when insulating a new home. Fortify the insulating quality of exterior walls in existing homes with foam-in-place insulation, which can be blown into the walls.


Insulate all floors over unconditioned spaces, including concrete slab floors that are placed directly on soil. Batting or rigid foam are the preferred types of insulating materials for insulating floors.


Insulating the basement walls reduces heat transfer and heat loss throughout the home. Using batt or rigid foam are the most convenient and effective way to insulate unfinished basements. Sprayed foam or loose-fill insulation can increase the insulating quality of finished basement walls.


Insulating an unventilated crawl space is important for similar reasons to that of the basement. In addition, if ductwork or plumbing is directed through the crawl space, insulating crawl space walls using rigid foam will have a greater impact on energy savings by keeping the space warmer in winter.

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