Things That Affect Your HVAC Costs

Things That Affect Your HVAC CostsWhen you buy a new HVAC system for your Corpus Christi home, several factors that will affect the final cost of the equipment and installation. Here are some of the more common things that will influence HVAC costs for new installations or upgrades:

Size of your home

The larger your home, the more likely it is that you will need to pay more for new HVAC equipment. A structure such as a house will have a heating and cooling load, which is the amount of heating and cooling needed to keep the interior at the temperature you prefer. HVAC systems must be sized to meet that load, meaning that they must have the functional capacity to produce the amount of heating and cooling needed. If you are conditioning a larger space, you’ll have a greater heating/cooling load and will need a system with greater capacity to meet it.

Equipment efficiency

Many current HVAC systems have a high level of efficiency — they cost less to operate than older models. If you decide to go for HVAC equipment that is even more efficient, you’ll pay more as efficiency ratings increase. High-efficiency equipment will cost much less to operate, however, and you can often recover the investment in HVAC costs within a few years through monthly savings.

Equipment quality

Better HVAC equipment will, as a rule, cost more. The benefit of purchasing higher-quality systems is better performance, increased efficiency, longer functional lifespan, and lower maintenance costs. Brand names will also affect HVAC costs, with more popular brands costing more.

Type of equipment

Whether you choose an air conditioner or a heat pump will affect costs. Further, an air-source heat pump is likely to cost less than a geothermal model. However, there are trade-offs in efficiency, operating costs, and performance that you should consider as you make your choice.

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