Staying Warm and Saving Money This Winter

Staying Warm and Saving Money This WinterAs the weather grows colder, you’re going to need to start running your furnace with increasing frequency in order to keep warm. Which would be great if it wasn’t so expensive. Are your winter energy bills are always through the roof? Here are a few tips for saving money this winter while maintaining home comfort.

Seal ductwork.

Leaks in your ductwork can cause warm air to dissipate before it reaches your home. With the loss of heat energy, your HVAC system needs to work harder to make your home comfortable, wasting energy. Look for small holes, tears, and other damaged areas of your ductwork, and seal them with metal tape or mastic sealant to maximize energy efficiency.

Seal air leaks.

Ductwork leaks aren’t the only ones wasting your home’s energy. If your house isn’t sealed properly, warm air from the furnace can escape, letting cold air in instead and again driving up your energy bill. Some of the most common places for air leaks include underneath doors and behind outlets and light switch plates. Get a home energy audit to determine where air your air leaks are and seal them up.

Turn the thermostat down.

At night, when it’s coldest, the temptation is to raise your thermostat, to keep toasty warm. But you should actually do the opposite. Turn your thermostat down a few degrees, to energy-saving mode, before you go to bed. Then stay warm by putting an extra blanket or two on your bed. That way you can stay warm while still saving money.

Open the windows.

Even if it’s freezing cold, the sun is still shining. If you have any south-facing windows, keep the shades open during the day, so the sun can heat your home naturally, reducing the need for your furnace. Then in the evenings, close the shades to trap that heat inside and ensure your house stays warm, for less energy.

For more tips on saving money, this winter and year round, contact us at CCAC today. We’re Corpus Christi’s trusted source for quality HVAC solutions.

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