Nursery Temperature Safety Tips

Nursery Temperature Safety TipsIt’s so cold! Crank up the heat and try to warm up! However, if you have a baby in the house, that’s actually a bad idea. Children under a year old are very sensitive to heat, and being too warm can trigger SIDS. So what’s the ideal nursery temperature for your baby? And how do you keep them safe while keeping the house comfortable?

Keeping Your Baby Safe

The ideal nursery temperature is between 68 and 72 degrees. That’s a pretty narrow window, but there’s a slight buffer. Remember, though, that the temperature on the thermostat isn’t necessarily the temperature in the room. If you want to make sure your baby is safe, check their head or stomach with your palm, to see if they feel warm.

It can also help to invest in a zoning system. By splitting your home into sections based on their individual heating and cooling needs, you can regulate the baby’s room separately from the rest of the house. And with a dedicated thermostat specifically for the nursery, you can get a more accurate temperature reading.

Other Nursery Heating Tips

Don’t bundle your baby up too much. Multiple layers of clothing and heavy blankets increase the risk of overheating. A good pair of pajamas and a warm but lightweight blanket is plenty for them to sleep in. And don’t wrap or cover their head at all. The head helps regulate their whole body’s temperature, so if it’s too warm, the rest of them will be too.

If your baby isn’t getting warm enough, consider buying a small sleep sack – a lightweight, wearable blanket that can keep them warm without overheating. If you do this, use it instead of a regular blanket, not in addition to it.

Every baby is different. Consider sleeping in the same room as your child for the first six months, to get an idea of their temperature preferences. Studies show this can significantly reduce the risk of SIDS.

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