How Insulation Can Save You in the Summer Too

How Insulation Can Save You in the Summer TooInsulation is invaluable for keeping our homes warmer in the winter. Properly insulated walls can cut down on heat loss and reduce your utility bills significantly. But that’s not all insulation can do. Insulation installed at recommended values for our climate can also cut down on cooling bills.

Here’s how a summer insulation installment can pay for itself.

Insulating the Attic

Houses built before the 80s usually are deficient in attic insulation, which can cut down the amount of heat entering the home from solar radiation on the roof.

Installing insulation is a job usually best left to professionals.

The first step may be to have any plywood on the attic floor removed so as to increase the insulation barrier between the living space and the hot attic.

Insulation generally comes in the form of loose fill or batts (that’s a common term for blanket insulation). Ask your installer’s advice as to which would work best, whether it’s adding new insulation to an uninsulated attic or layering it over material that’s already there.

    1. Loose insulation, either fiberglass or cellulose, comes in bags and are blown-in to the density and depth needed with special machinery designed for the purpose. This is a good choice for attics where existing insulation needs topping, as it fills joints and gaps well.
    2. Fiberglass batts come in rolls, in various widths, and fit between joists and studs. The batts are  recommended for attics with no insulation and those with standard joist spacing. Batts are available with a paper or foil facing that serves as a vapor barrier.
    3. Spray foam insulation offers the best protection and will last a long time. It is expensive, but requires professional installation.

Tips for Your Installation Project

When planning your installation project, be sure to talk about these points:

    • Remind the installer that insulation shouldn’t touch recessed lighting cans.
    • Ask the installer to check for roof leaks, as moisture can ruin insulation.
    • Ask about the R-values recommended in our climate. This is a measurement of insulation’s resistance to heat flow.

For more on summer insulation, contact CCAC of Corpus Christi.

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