When to Schedule Furnace Maintenance

furnace maintenance visit

It’s the peak of summer. You know what that means: time to schedule your annual fall furnace maintenance visit. Too early, you say? The time is coming up sooner than you think. When is the best time to schedule that annual tuneup? Let’s take a look.

Scheduling Maintenance

In Corpus Christi, you’ll probably need to start using your furnace around early November. It’s important to schedule your tuneup before that, to make sure the system is in good working order when the weather starts to cool.

If you wait to schedule the appointment, though, you could run into problems. Firstly, that’s when everyone else will be scheduling their appointments too. It might take longer to be able to get service. Also, what if the weather turns cold early? If you wait on maintenance, a sudden, unexpected chill can catch you off guard.

The best time to schedule furnace maintenance is mid-September, just before the start of fall. Cooling season is ending, but heating season hasn’t quite begun. That means your HVAC contractor won’t be bogged down with calls to fix A/Cs, but it’s still early enough that winter shouldn’t catch you off guard. When it doubt, it’s always better to call sooner, rather than later.

Service Agreement

You can simply eliminate the worry of when to schedule your HVAC maintenance, by signing up for a service agreement. Both spring and fall tuneups are included, and when the time comes, our professionals will call you to schedule the appointments.

Additionally, you’re given priority over other customers, so you don’t have to worry about the busy season. 24/7 emergency access lets you call anytime, as soon as something breaks, without having to wait for an appointment, and without having to pay extra. You can even get a discount on parts and labor when repairs are needed. A service agreement is the best way to keep your entire HVAC system taken care of, all year long.

To schedule your furnace maintenance visit, contact us at CCAC. We provide Corpus Christi with quality home comfort solutions.

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