Homeowner’s Guide to Air Filters

types of air filtersThe air filtration industry has witnessed some improvements over the last decade. Manufacturers and innovators develop products that improve indoor air quality without taxing HVAC systems.

The air filter in your air conditioner is responsible for the quality of air in your home. It is also the component of your HVAC system that requires regular maintenance. There are different types of air filters in the market. Before you seek to replace or clean your air filter, you need to know the different designs and types of air filters. Below is a comprehensive breakdown.

Types of Air Filters

1. Fiberglass Filters

Fiberglass filters are the most popular variety of air filters. The fiberglass air filter is affordable. In terms of efficiency, fiberglass air filters have MERV ratings ranging from one to four.

The MERV rating is a measure of the number of particles that a filter can trap. The performance of fiberglass filters against pollen or mold is inferior. It is not a suitable option for households with members who suffer from allergies.

2. Pleated Filters

This filter cleans the air through its pleated cotton or polyester-blend fabric. Pleated filters have MERV ratings that range between six to eight.

Pleated filters can hold back pollutants without taxing your air conditioner. For better airflow, choose an air filter with more pleats.

3. Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters are effective at cleaning the air. With MERV ratings of 10 or higher, these filters can trap pollen and mold. There are two types of electrostatic filters.

The disposable electrostatic filter: This air filter is perfect for households with smokers. It is also suitable for families with members who suffer from asthma and allergies. The only disadvantage of the electrostatic filter is the expensive price tag.

The washable electrostatic filter: Washing the filter may cause damage. Installing wet filters may lead to mold development.

At CCAC, we provide consultation and HVAC solutions. We can help you determine the air filter that will protect you and your HVAC system.

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