Find the Right Humidity Levels for Your Home

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity, right? How many times have you heard that in Corpus Christi? Well, we’re here to tell you it’s the heat and the humidity and it’s a wise homeowner who takes control of both to find the right humidity level for maximum comfort.

Temperature and Relative Humidity

You know you feel the humidity more in the warm weather, the reason being that warm air holds more moisture. When the moisture content reaches 50-55 percent in our homes, the perspiration on our skin can stop evaporating and cooling us off, and we feel warmer. That leads to adjusting the thermostat downward to cool off, thereby wasting money on our utility bills. The key to saving money on energy in summer is keeping the humidity level down.

In winter, cooler temperatures bring with them drier conditions. At times, the air in your home may seem too dry. You start experiencing itchy skin, dry nasal passages, scratchy throat and other symptoms of dry air. Your home’s relative humidity may have fallen below 40 percent, and you will feel the need to add moisture to the air.

Adjusting Humidity Levels

To monitor your home humidity levels, acquire a humidistat from the home store. As the year progresses and you note the rising and falling of humidity, you can do things to adjust it.

Raising Humidity:

    1. Boil pots of water on the stove.
    2. Add houseplants to your home.
    3. Take long, leisurely showers with the bathroom door open.
    4. Acquire a humidifier. A portable model may work fine; if you want something more substantial, talk to your HVAC consultant about installing a permanent humidifier, but it’s really doubtful in our climate you would need that level of humidification.

Lowering Home Humidity:

    • Fix leaks in ceiling and pipes.
    • Add exhaust ventilation to the outdoors in damp areas (kitchen, bathroom).
    • Air seal the home; fix cracks in ductwork to prevent moisture intrusion.
    • Look into a dehumidifier, either portable or whole home if your home is consistently damp.

To learn more about home humidity, contact CCAC. We serve Corpus Christi and the surrounding area.

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