Why Winter A/C Repairs Are Just as Essential

These days, summers seem to be getting hotter and staying hot longer. Winter is only a blip, and then with spring, we’re using our air conditioners again. It’s not uncommon in Corpus Christi to have days when we have to switch from the furnace to the air conditioner again.

That’s just one reason to make sure you don’t put off essential A/C repairs until next spring.

Why Schedule Fall/Winter A/C Repairs?

With warm, muggy days a likelihood this fall and/or winter, you don’t want to to risk having your A/C break down when you need to cool off. If you suspect your A/C needs some attention, be it a refrigerant leak, a failing capacitor, a plugged condensate drain — best to schedule the repairs ASAP.

What’s more, going ahead and scheduling the repair means you’re not risking damaging other parts by running the A/C when something is broken or failing. Sure, you’d rather put off paying for a new capacitor or having that leak fixed, but if you do, you may damage something else and you’ll end up paying more.

Another good reason to schedule fall or winter A/C repairs is that your HVAC technician may not be as busy as in spring or summer. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to get immediate attention and have your problem solved.

We mentioned some common air conditioner problems above, but here are a few more to look out for this fall, winter or anytime.

Thermostat — A faulty thermostat can also affect your furnace, and so needs to be repaired or replaced right away. A thermostat malfunction will result in failure of the HVAC system to heat or cool the home properly. If the thermostat runs on batteries, you may change them, but if it is wired in, you may need to have the wiring replaced.

Low airflow — This problem can be caused by a number of things, including a dirty air filter, dirty evaporator coils, leaking ductwork, a sluggish blower motor, blocked vents or registers or a blocked condenser.

For more on winter A/C repair, contact CCAC of Corpus Christi.

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