Bathroom Fan Combos to Consider for Your Home

bathroom fan comboHaving a bathroom fan that includes a heat and lighting source can make this room more comfortable, energy-efficient, and even safer. When you’re comparing bathroom fan combos for your Coastal Bend home, keep the following information in mind.

Bathroom Fan Combo Options

Bathroom fans with light and heat are available in a wide range of options. The kind that works best for your home will depend on certain factors, such as the size of your bathroom and your main reason for getting one of these combos, such as enhanced comfort or reduced energy usage.


Some combos come with an infrared heat lamp that can quickly warm up your bathroom. This is an ideal option if your main concern is having a toasty bathroom rather than a chilly one when you step out of the shower. While the exhaust fan is running to remove moisture, you can let the heat lamp raise the temperature in your bathroom. Keep in mind that having this type of heat source means you don’t have to crank up the thermostat to make sure your bathroom is warm enough when you shower or take a bath, which helps you lower your energy usage and heating bills.


You might prefer a bathroom fan combo that is motion-activated if you prefer convenience. Motion-activated combos can turn on the heat, light, and fan when you step into the room and shut them off when you leave. This option helps prevent you from accidentally leaving the fan, heat, and light running when you’re done in the bathroom.


A bathroom fan combo with a night light, especially a motion-activated one, can make your bathroom safer at night. This feature turns the night light on when you enter the bathroom, so you can see right away instead of having to reach for the switch in the dark. This helps lower the risk of injuries due to falling or tripping.

If you’re looking into bathroom fan combos for your Coastal Bend home, contact CCAC for more information.

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