3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your HVAC Maintenance

HVAC resolutionsAdopting fresh habits regarding your home as the new year arrives might help you save money, especially if you make HVAC resolutions. In the typical home, the heating and cooling system is the most complicated appliance. It runs more efficiently and dependably when it’s routinely serviced and used properly. These three resolutions can help you get the most from it:

Maintain it throughout the heating and cooling seasons.

It may not seem like an important part, but the air filter has a major influence on how well your heating and cooling system work. Check it monthly when the system is running frequently. Too much dust on the filter slows the system down, which increases your energy use. It also adds wear and tear to all of its parts.

It’s also important to check the condition of the registers periodically. When dust collects on their grills or the vents are accidentally blocked, the air pressure in the ducts increases. Eventually, ductwork leaks could form, which reduce system efficiency and lower indoor air quality.

Keep an eye on the outdoor unit.

It’s easy to ignore the outdoor unit’s condition. Many of the homes in this area use heat pumps that run year-round. Be sure that the condenser area is free from obstructions and that the coils are clean. Mow the lawn around the condenser so that the clippings blow away from it, and hose it off periodically.

Schedule annual servicing by a pro from CCAC.

Of all these HVAC resolutions, this may be the most important for keeping your system running optimally. The experts will inspect the entire system, cleaning and adjusting the parts. They make sure that the refrigerant levels are to the manufacturer’s specifications and that the electrical components are clean. The condition of both makes a big impact on the efficiency and durability of your system. If you have a gas furnace, the technician will carefully inspect the ignition system, the burner, and the vent for safety.

If you’d like more information about HVAC resolutions and keeping your system in optimal condition, contact the pros at CCAC, providing HVAC services for Coastal Bend homeowners since 1979.

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