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Shopping for Dehumidifiers? Here’s What to Look For

The increase in portable dehumidifier brands and models on the market demonstrates increased consciousness about the comfort and health of the indoor environment. Elevated indoor humidity is not only uncomfortable

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Apps and Your HVAC System: What Is the Connection?

HVAC apps add the convenience and security of controlling your indoor environments with a phone or tablet. The technology to monitor and control temperatures inside your house from remote locations,

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Why Is Your Summer AC Bill Always So High Every Month?

Summer AC bills can take some of the fun out of this time of year. In the typical home here in the Coastal Bend, central air conditioning alone accounts for

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Check Out All the New AC Features That Are Out This Summer

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your old air conditioner, you may be amazed at all the options you’ll have when you choose a new AC or an entire HVAC

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How Easily Can Your AC Adapt to Summer Heat Waves?

Summers in the Coastal Bend are getting hotter every year. It’s important to be able to keep cool, but what happens to your HVAC system in extreme temperatures? Here’s a

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Can a House Be Too Cool During the Hot Summer Months?

In the hot, Corpus Christi summer, there’s nothing better than a nice, cool house. What if your home is too cool though? Is that even possible? What can you do

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Don’t Let an AC Breakdown Happen in Your Home This Summer

An AC breakdown probably isn’t included in your plans for fun and relaxation this summer. There’s nothing like the loss of indoor cooling at the worst possible time to make

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Does the Window Glass You Have Affect Your Home Cooling?

When you think of energy efficiency, you usually think about your devices that run on electricity or gas. It may surprise you to know that one of the bigger factors

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Do Laws in Your State Help You Save Money on Your AC Bill?

Summer is here, and your energy bills are set to skyrocket as you spend all day running your AC. There are a number of ways to reduce your energy consumption

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Make Sure Your HVAC Units Are Environmentally Friendly

Can you reduce the environmental impact of your HVAC system? Many factors contribute to the total effect your cooling and heating system has on the environment. The age of the

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