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Stay on Top of Your Home’s Foundation Health

People are often surprised to learn that there’s a connection between the condition of your home’s foundation and HVAC efficiency and performance. The foundation that supports a house is a

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Make Sure Your Furry Friends Stay Warm This Winter

The winter season brings with it a need to fire up your heating equipment to stay warm, but it’s not just you and your two-legged loved ones who you need

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If You Can Build a Snowman Indoors, Too Much Cold Air Is Getting In. Here’s How to Stop It.

Down here in Corpus Christi, we don’t have that much of an issue with winter, but it can get chilly when a cold front arrives. People who live in older

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How Long Should You Wait Before Having Your HVAC Unit Checked?

How long should you allow your HVAC system to go between maintenance visits? Well, it depends. Some homeowners go for years and maybe just call for help when something goes

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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your HVAC Maintenance

HVAC resolutions

Adopting fresh habits regarding your home as the new year arrives might help you save money, especially if you make HVAC resolutions. In the typical home, the heating and cooling

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How to Ventilate Your Home This Winter

winter ventilation

During the winter months, many homeowners have a tendency to shut off the outside world because the weather is so cold. This can cause problems with your indoor air quality,

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Smart Heating: What It Is and Why to Invest

smart heating

If you’re tired of higher heating bills during the winter, smart heating offers an effective way to lower them. This type of heating involves the use of a thermostat with

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How to Keep Outdoor Pets Warm This Winter

Keeping pets warm

Keeping pets warm in winter should always be at the top of your seasonal to-do list. To get you started, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite techniques that will

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Bathroom Fan Combos to Consider for Your Home

bathroom fan combo

Having a bathroom fan that includes a heat and lighting source can make this room more comfortable, energy-efficient, and even safer. When you’re comparing bathroom fan combos for your Coastal

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A Guide to Checking Your Home’s Insulation Levels

home insulation levels

If you’ve never checked your home insulation levels — or haven’t done so recently — don’t put it off any longer. Insulation is critical to home comfort, as well as

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