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Learn about All of the Hidden Costs of HVAC in Your Home

Running your HVAC, especially during the Coastal Bend’s long, hot summers, will likely comprise the lion’s share of your energy costs. You probably expect to pay significantly for electricity, so you may

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What External HVAC Threats Could Be on the Horizon?

Your HVAC system is going to become vulnerable to external HVAC threats at some point. It could be a felled tree limb from wind-driven storms or some other disaster. There are

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Keep Your Most Vulnerable Household Members Comfortable

It seems as if everyone has a very different idea of what a comfortable temperature is. In a household with several people, perhaps spanning a wide age range, it can

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How to Heat and Cool Your Property’s Accessory Structure

Air conditioning is in high demand at this time of year in the Coastal Bend. So, the question of properly conditioning your accessory structure may arise. From HVAC maintenance to choosing

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What Is the Impact of Your Climate on Your HVAC Equipment?

The Coastal Bend area is warm and humid. Given that, what’s the climate impact on the HVAC equipment that is typically sold in our region? You may not be aware that

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Know Which HVAC Repairs Are Too Urgent for You to Put Off

When you’re having trouble with your HVAC system, how do you know if you need repairs done right away? Certain types of HVAC issues require attention as soon as possible to

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Wireless vs. Smart Thermostats: Which Option Is Better?

We hear the terms wireless, Wi-Fi and smart bandied about when referring to thermostats. What’s the difference, and which is best for your home? Let’s have a look at wireless

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How Do HVAC-Related Fires Most Commonly Start in Homes?

Fires associated with an HVAC system are very rare, but they do occur. It’s important to know how and why fires start up with any appliance, but since much of

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Summer Is the Perfect Time to Think About Your Furnace

Thoughts of your furnace might seem out of place as temperatures rise. However, the offseason is actually an appropriate time to take care of a few furnace-maintenance issues and put

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What Are the Best Smart Thermostats on the Market?

Smart thermostat technology keeps getting more intelligent. Now on the consumer market for almost 10 years, smart thermostats have permanently  transformed the way home HVAC systems function and interact with

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