Springtime HVAC Preparation

Springtime HVAC PreparationOnce the calendar hits March, it’s time for Coastal Bend homeowners to start with their spring HVAC maintenance. It won’t be long before the weather heats up enough to turn on the air conditioner and when you do, a fully maintained system will run more efficiently and dependably. Read More »

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Laundry Room Considerations for Ventilation

Laundry Room Considerations for VentilationThe need for laundry room ventilation may become clearer as the weather warms and all that humidity washing and drying clothes generates isn’t welcome. Besides increasing the heat in your home during the summer, that extra moisture feeds mold and bacteria as well as fostering the growth of dust mites. Read More »

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Sporting Equipment and IAQ Concerns

Sporting Equipment and IAQ ConcernsA home gym makes a convenient place to improve your health with regular workouts. Two factors that determine whether you reap the full health benefits are choosing the right sporting equipment and making time for exercising. Another critical concern should be the air quality in your workout space, because poor air quality can cause a host of health problems. Read More »

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The Importance of Getting an A/C Tune Up

The Importance of Getting an A/C Tune UpScheduling your air conditioner’s spring maintenance before the season officially arrives may seem like jumping the gun, but you know how warm it can be in Corpus Christi, even during the winter months. These days we never know when those 80-degree highs are going to pop up, so it’s not a bad idea to get your spring A/C tune up soon, before you’re running your system continuously.  Read More »

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How Color and Temperature Influence One Another

How Color and Temperature Influence One AnotherWhen redecorating your home, one of your chief concerns is color scheme. Which wall colors go with which accents? What hues go best with your general aesthetic? What colors will help you lower your energy bills?

Oh, you didn’t know about that last one? Well, let’s take a look at the temperature effects that different colors can have on your home, and how to use them. Read More »

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Differences Between Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps

Differences Between Air and Ground Source Heat PumpsHeat pumps are the most energy efficient way heat and cool homes since they move heat instead of using fuel to create it. The most common heat pump used in the Coastal Bend region is an air-source heat pump (ASHP) and the ground source heat pump (GSHP) is much less common. Read More »

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The Importance of A/C Tonnage

The Importance of A/C TonnageWhen it comes to your air conditioning system, nothing is more important than it’s A/C tonnage. Regardless of its energy efficiency rating or its age, if it isn’t the right tonnage, the system won’t provide the comfort or energy savings than if it were the size you need. Read More »

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Craft Rooms: The Importance of Proper Ventilation

Craft Rooms: The Importance of Proper VentilationSome hobbies require fresh air ventilation because the materials they use degrade indoor air quality (IAQ), like volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs exposure poses health hazards that adequate fresh air can remedy. These gases cause problems from minor irritations to serious health conditions. Adequate fresh air is the best way to reduce your risk. Read More »

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Is Your Air Purifier Working?

Is Your Air Purifier Working?Your whole-house air purifier is constantly working to remove even the smallest contaminants from the air, from dust to mold spores to cigarette smoke and more, so that you can breathe easy. But the work it does is invisible, and you often take it for granted. How do you know the system is really working as it should? Read More »

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Reasons to Love Smart Thermostats

Reasons to Love Smart ThermostatsSmart thermostats are all the rage as the latest, greatest innovation in home HVAC controls. If you currently have a more basic thermostat that’s working just fine, are there any good reasons why you should upgrade to smart technology? The answer is yes, because there’s a lot to love about a smart thermostat, including: Read More »

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