Find the Right Humidity Levels for Your Home

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity, right? How many times have you heard that in Corpus Christi? Well, we’re here to tell you it’s the heat and the humidity and it’s a wise homeowner who takes control of both to find the right humidity level for maximum comfort. Read More »

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All You Need to Know About Hydronic Heating

Do you know how much energy it takes to heat your home? Looking at your power bill can give you an idea. What it doesn’t tell you, though, is how much energy your heating system is wasting. If you want to reduce that waste, lower your energy bills, and heat your home more efficiently, you might consider a hydronic heating system. Read More »

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Fall IAQ Check: How Candles, Pumpkins and More Can Affect Your Air

Corpus Christi got some bad news last year about air quality: ours is worse than that of several much larger cities, including New York and Chicago. It seems the presence of oil refineries, as well as the high concentration of bricks and mortar and the paucity of green space are contributing factors. Read More »

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Heating Season is Right Around the Corner: How to Prepare Your Home

transitioning seasonsCorpus Christy’s weather is hot year-round but it still gets quite cold during winter. So with the advent of autumn, it is best to prepare for the transitioning seasons by doing some basic maintenance and preparations on your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. Read More »

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Fall Maintenance Items to Tackle

fall maintenanceWith summer on its way out and winter slowly beckoning, fall is the ideal time to get your home in shape. Unlike summer, fall’s moderate climate makes it easy for you to handle whatever repairs and maintenance projects you had in mind. Here is a fall maintenance checklist to get you started. Read More »

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Homeowner’s Guide to Heat Ducts

heat ductsProper ductwork in your home or commercial building is vital to an efficient heating and cooling system. Your heating ducts need to be in the right place, the right size, and properly sealed. Read More »

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Baby Safety: How to Keep Your Home, HVAC, and Kiddos Safe

HVAC system babyproofingAs a parent, there are many dangers you need to protect your children from. Toddlers and younger children can be quite adventurous and many are naturally curious as well. When considering dangers around the home don’t overlook your home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. The following HVAC system babyproofing tips can help make your home safer.    Read More »

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Women Who Changed the HVAC Industry

Women in HVACAccording to the US Department of Labor, approximately half of the labor force is comprised of women. However, less than 1 percent of all HVAC (heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration) technicians are women. But what most people don’t know is that there are women in HVAC history who have played a significant role in the advancement of the HVAC industry. Read More »

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HVAC Changes in the Last 5 Years

HVAC technology is evolving yearly due to advancements made in equipment and systems. The last five years have a seen a significant number of HVAC technology changes that aim to increase customer utility and enhance energy efficiency. This article looks at the brief HVAC history of the last five years. Read More »

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How Does Dust Affect Indoor Air Quality?

indoor air qualityDust! It might seem like it’s everywhere, especially during the dry season here in the normally-humid Coastal Bend. But dust isn’t something you should ignore – it can become a serious problem. Read More »

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