Should Your HVAC Equipment Be Wireless? Listen to the Pros.

wireless HVAC systemIf you’re looking for a way to make your home or business more efficient and intuitive, taking your HVAC system and making it wireless where possible could help. Wireless HVAC equipment is available for both residential and commercial systems, and it could help you save money if you use it well. Should you “go wireless”? Here are some considerations to factor into this decision. Read More »

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What Building Materials Will Help HVAC Performance?

HVAC building materialsThere are all sorts of ways to save energy when heating or cooling a home. Among the biggest factors, though, are how a building is designed and what it’s made of. What are the best HVAC building materials to use in construction that can help regulate temperature using less energy? There are a number of options — some centuries old — and others on the cutting edge of modern technology. Read More »

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What Safety Hazards Can Your HVAC Unit Easily Develop?

safety hazardsYou don’t usually think of your HVAC system as being the source of safety hazards. The fact is, it’s designed to be one of the safest appliances in your home in terms of both operation and maintenance. But there are a few things to look out for, particularly as your system gets older. They are not common occurrences, but it’s good to know about them. Read More »

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What Are the Best HVAC Warranty Terms Available Today?

HVAC warrantyPlanning to replace your HVAC system? If so, you will need to look into warranties for your new equipment. In fact, you should look into two warranties: one for the equipment from the manufacturer and one from the contractor who installs your system. Let’s consider the HVAC warranty terms you may be faced with. Read More »

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Where Should You Store Your HVAC Equipment in Your Home?

install HVAC equipmentAre you building a house or planning a major renovation? Don’t wait to the last minute to make plans for installing HVAC equipment. Plans should integrate the equipment properly so that it works with maximum efficiency.

Your HVAC has many parts, and it matters where they are placed. Here’s a rundown of where some of the major parts should be located. Read More »

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What Should You Look for When Checking Your AC This Spring?

spring AC checksTo make sure your home is effectively and efficiently cooled this summer, certain spring AC checks are vital. First and foremost, you should schedule annual air conditioner preventive maintenance by a qualified HVAC service technician at this time of year. This service includes a standard list of AC maintenance items, as well as a complete inspection to detect any incipient issues that could trigger major problems later in the season. In addition to ensuring that your system produces optimum cooling at the lowest monthly cost, an annual inspection is also usually required by the terms of the AC manufacturer’s warranty.

Here are some other spring AC checks that you can do yourself to make sure you’re ready for another hot South Texas summer: Read More »

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How Can Natural Ventilation Affect Your Home’s IAQ?

natural ventilationIf you have a newer home, you may already know that it was built to be airtight in comparison with homes of a few decades ago. While that’s great for your utility bill, if that tighter construction keeps conditioned air in and outdoor air out, it’s not so great for your home’s indoor air quality. Read More »

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What Misconceptions Do People Have About Spring HVAC Care?

What Misconceptions Do People Have About Spring HVAC Care?Ah, spring. It’s time for the chill to go out of the air and for warmer (and muggier) air to take over in the Coastal Bend area. In our region, winter doesn’t amount to much, so some homeowners don’t think it’s necessary to schedule winter service on their HVAC systems. All the more reason to plan HVAC care for the cooling season ahead. Read More »

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What are the Most Common HVAC Acronyms in the Industry?

The HVAC industry has lots of acronyms, which can be confusing to the uninitiated. You’ll hear them when shopping for a new system or see them printed on your unit. Knowing these HVAC acronyms helps you understand your system better and make informed buying decisions. We’d like to help you out, so here are some of the common HVAC acronyms that you should know.

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Why You Should Schedule Biannual HVAC Checkups

HVAC equipment is very resilient and will generally last you quite a few years — but that doesn’t mean you can just sit back and do nothing throughout its life span. That’s why we’re going to look at a few reasons why scheduling a biannual HVAC tuneup is a great idea.

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