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Things That Affect Your HVAC Costs

Things That Affect Your HVAC Costs

When you buy a new HVAC system for your Corpus Christi home, several factors that will affect the final cost of the equipment and installation. Here are some of the

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When You’re Working During the Day, Here Are Ways to Lower Your Energy Costs

Heating or cooling your home when nobody is there to enjoy it can be a big waste of money. There are many different ways to lower your energy costs while

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Grab This Yardstick And Do Your Own Home Energy Audit

We hear a lot of talk about household energy efficiency and the various measures homeowners living along the Coastal Bend can take to increase the energy efficiency of their property.

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The EnergyGuide Label: Read It And Save

Equipment efficiency and monetary savings are two of the more significant factors that influence buying decisions. A reliable source for this information is the EnergyGuide label. This bright yellow label

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Rising Energy Costs — How An Energy Evaluation Can Help

If it seems to you that rising energy costs are taking a larger chunk out of your family’s budget each month, consider a home energy evaluation to see what you

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Boosting Attic Insulation — A Cost-Effective Strategy For Energy Savings

Thoroughly insulating your home is probably the best way to save on energy costs. However, trying to insulate exterior walls in an existing home can be quite expensive and usually

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Seal The Leaks In Your Ducts, And Plug A Drain On Your Pocketbook

Your HVAC system’s ductwork plays a huge role in how comfortable you feel in your home each day.  If it’s poorly sealed, you won’t be able to get optimal performance

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Ceiling Fans Can Help You Feel More Comfortable But Beware of Possible Problems

In Corpus Christi where it gets blazing hot, ceiling fans can help you feel more comfortable and save energy costs as well.  But beware of possible problems.

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Welcome To CCAC’s New Home Comfort Blog!

There’s a lot that homeowners need to know about their heating and cooling systems to ensure efficient and trouble-free operation, as well as greater comfort and good indoor air quality. 

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