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Make Sure Your HVAC Units Are Environmentally Friendly

Can you reduce the environmental impact of your HVAC system? Many factors contribute to the total effect your cooling and heating system has on the environment. The age of the

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Should Your HVAC Equipment Be Wireless? Listen to the Pros.

wireless HVAC system

If you’re looking for a way to make your home or business more efficient and intuitive, taking your HVAC system and making it wireless where possible could help. Wireless HVAC

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What Building Materials Will Help HVAC Performance?

HVAC building materials

There are all sorts of ways to save energy when heating or cooling a home. Among the biggest factors, though, are how a building is designed and what it’s made of.

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With Tax Season Upon Us, Be Sure to Achieve HVAC Cost Savings

Whether or not you end up paying Uncle Sam more in taxes this year, you certainly don’t want to be troubled by high heating and cooling bills too. Here are

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Stay on Top of Your Home’s Foundation Health

People are often surprised to learn that there’s a connection between the condition of your home’s foundation and HVAC efficiency and performance. The foundation that supports a house is a

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If You Can Build a Snowman Indoors, Too Much Cold Air Is Getting In. Here’s How to Stop It.

Down here in Corpus Christi, we don’t have that much of an issue with winter, but it can get chilly when a cold front arrives. People who live in older

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Do High Ceilings Have Any Impact on HVAC Efficiency?

High ceilings can create a dramatic effect in your home, making it seem more spacious than it is. However, that space can have a serious impact on the efficiency of

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The Basics of Time-Variant Pricing

Time-variant pricing adjusts the cost of electricity to specific demand at certain times of day and days of the week. In the past, electricity bills were calculated on a flat

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Heating Season is Right Around the Corner: How to Prepare Your Home

transitioning seasons

Corpus Christy’s weather is hot year-round but it still gets quite cold during winter. So with the advent of autumn, it is best to prepare for the transitioning seasons by

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Homeowner’s Guide to Heat Ducts

heat ducts

Proper ductwork in your home or commercial building is vital to an efficient heating and cooling system. Your heating ducts need to be in the right place, the right size,

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