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Are the Ducts in Your Home Tight Enough to Keep Heat Inside?

Are the Ducts in Your Home Tight Enough to Keep Heat Inside?

The ducts hidden from view behind your ceilings and walls are the critical air circulation component of your home’s heating system. Leaky seams, disconnected sections and other deficiencies in the

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Run the A/C More Efficiently This Summer With These Tips

It’s tempting to crank up the A/C this coming summer especially when it gets quite hot in Coastal Bend, but that’s not necessarily a good move. There may be a

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Your Energy-Efficient Home: How One System Supports All the Rest

You’ve heard the cliche: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When it comes to your home’s energy efficiency, no maxim could be more appropriate. You might

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Ductwork Problems That Can Sabotage Your System’s Efficiency

The ductwork in your Costal Bend home supplies each room with heated or cooled air, keeping it comfortable. When there are problems with the duct system, your HVAC system is

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Conserving Energy in Your Corpus Christi Homes: 9 Ways to Beat the Heat Without Busting the Budget

The brutal summer heat of south Texas can really spike your energy bills. Try these easy tips to conserve energy during the months when your air conditioner is working the

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Better Whole-House Performance Ensured With This 7-Step Checklist

Saving energy is a big concern in South Texas. With the hot weather continuing well into the fall, your A/C is working overtime and your energy bills remain high. There

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Five Reasons To Have Your Ductwork Sealed

Your home’s ductwork delivers cooled or warmed air to the various rooms throughout your house, but if it’s not properly sealed, you can experience problems. In an average household, up

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