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Solar Water Heaters and Their Benefits

It has become standard practice, after years of concerns about energy costs and the environment, to consider efficiency when purchasing a new water heater. However, many homeowners still fail to consider

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Replace Your Heat Pump with These Tips

Your heat pump takes care of your home’s heating and cooling needs, but it also needs you to take care of it. Heat pumps require regular maintenance and should be

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Is Your Duct System Design Delivering?

One of the most neglected parts of your home likely is its HVAC system’s ductwork.

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Green Energy-Saving Tips for Your Corpus Christi Home

With the winter season approaching, many people are starting to run the heat on a regular basis to make their homes comfortable. While heating is certainly necessary in Corpus Christi,

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Sealing Air Leaks In Your Corpus Christi Home: 8 Easy Weekend Jobs

Would you like to make your home more energy efficient while only sacrificing two or three hours a weekend? If so, we’ve got eight simple projects for you. Following these

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Attic-Sealing Strategies Give Corpus Christi Residents A Solid Plan For Efficiency

The attic is the most forgotten part of an average coastal Texas household.  Often stuffed with boxes and old furniture, it’s easy to overlook the fact that this area of

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Proven Energy Savings Through Duct Sealing

Few people probably notice the air duct system in their home, and with good reason. The air ducts are designed to be inconspicuous, hidden away in the ceilings or between

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