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Your Ceiling Fans And A/C: The Cooling’s Better When You Run Them Together

By adding a ceiling fan to your residential cooling system, you can increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and improve overall home comfort. Together, air conditioners and ceiling fans

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Lower Your Cooling Load, And You’ll Have Leaner Energy Bills

Your home requires a certain amount of cooling to keep your interior environment at the comfort level you prefer. This is called the cooling load. By using some of the

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Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner: Tips To Get Your System Going Again

The accumulation of wear and stress will cause your air conditioner to eventually have problems. When your cooling system isn’t working like it should, try some of the following troubleshooting

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Mold In The Drain Pan Of Your A/C: 3 Surefire Ways To Prevent It

As your air conditioner cools your home, it also provides dehumidification of your indoor air. Water from this process collects in the A/C’s drip pan and should be drained away.

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Energy Vampires: Are You Unwittingly Letting Them Overpower Your Home?

Halloween is still a few months away, but your home may have already been invaded by vampires. Instead of blood, these vampires consume energy. They are appliances, electronics and other

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Storm Season In Texas: If You Haven’t Prepared Yet, Do It Now

Storm season in South Texas is well underway. From now until the end of November, the threat of hurricanes and other harsh weather is a constant possibility in our area.

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Whole-House Dehumidifiers — How They Compare To Portable Units

Most of the year, the Coastal Bend experiences relative humidity levels in excess of 75 percent, which makes it hard to stay comfortable.  This also provides fertile conditions for mold

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How Radiant Barriers Contribute To Home Comfort And Energy Savings

Texas’ Coastal Bend is gearing up for a hot, humid summer, and your air condition will play a crucial role in keeping you comfortable. Give your A/C a hand this

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Sealing Air Leaks? Tips For The Proper Application Of Caulk And Weatherstripping

Has your energy usage been rising without any obvious explanation? The culprit is not always easy to spot, but if you’re guessing the problem is air leaks, you might be

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4 Heat Pump Efficiency Terms You Should Know

You may have heard us talk about why a heat pump might be a good fit for your Corpus Christi area home. A good heat pump system provides an energy-efficient

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