Keep Your Home Comfortable With Tight Ductwork

Keep Your Home Comfortable With Tight DuctworkIf you’ve had high heating bills this winter, you should expect high cooling bills this summer. One of the most common reasons for this, as stated by the federal Energy Star program, are substantial energy losses through leaky and inefficient ductwork in the average home. Use these tips to plug the leak in your air ducts — and pocketbook — and reap more benefits, too!

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How to Lower the Cooling Load in Your Home

How to Lower the Cooling Load in Your HomeIs your HVAC system working overtime to cool your home? If you have high energy bills or you’re trading comfortable home cooling for the sake of lower energy bills, it probably is working too hard. Lowering your home’s cooling load is a powerful and practical solution to this common problem, and you’ll enjoy many more perks, too.

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Upgrade Your Home Comfort With a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Upgrade Your Home Comfort With a Wi-Fi ThermostatProgrammable thermostats have long been touted as a way to help homeowners save money. Typically, users program schedules that cut back on cooling or heating when it isn’t needed. But many homeowners find the programming complicated. For some, a viable alternative is being found in the newer Wi-fi thermostats.

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Reputable HVAC Contractors and How to Find Them

Reputable HVAC Contractors and How to Find ThemWhen you’re hiring an HVAC contractor, reputation matters because you’re entrusting them with your family’s comfort and well being. This makes it crucial to thoroughly vet any contractor you’re considering before you make a hiring decision. Here’s some helpful advice on what to look for in an HVAC pro to help you find the right one.

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Reasons Why it Pays to Invest in Preventive Maintenance

Reasons Why it Pays to Invest in Preventive MaintenanceA reliable HVAC system is essential for your comfort, especially during our extended cooling seasons here in the Coastal Bend. Investing in preventive maintenance is the easiest way to keep your comfort system in optimal operating condition.

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Is Your Home’s Attic Insulation Enough?

Is Your Home's Attic Insulation Enough?The proper amount of attic insulation is what stands between the living spaces of your home and higher energy costs as well as less consistent comfort. The laws of physics tell us that heat energy is always on the move from a warm zone into a cooler zone. In winter, rising heat in rooms radiates through the ceiling into the colder attic. In summer, a hot attic radiates heat the other direction, down through the ceiling into the cooler air conditioned rooms below. In both seasons, the result is increased monthly operating costs and decreased temperature control.

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Heat Pump Ratings for Homeowners

Heat Pump Ratings for HomeownersWhile the energy efficiency of a furnace or air conditioner is expressed by a single standard rating—AFUE or SEER, respectively—a heat pump gets double ratings. The reason is really quite simple: a heat pump pulls double duty as both a heater in winter and an air conditioner in summer.

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Zoning Systems Give You Comfort Control in Every Room of Your House

Zoning Systems Give You Comfort Control in Every Room of Your HouseIt’s a rare home that doesn’t benefit from a zoning system to control comfort levels and lower energy bills at the same time. When a home’s HVAC system has zone control, each space in it stays at a temperature that the occupants specify. Trying to manage comfortable temperatures throughout with a single thermostat is difficult, at best.

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These are the Areas of Your House That Need the Most Ventilation

These are the Areas of Your House That Need the Most VentilationThese days, new homes are built airtight to make them more economical to heat and cool. While that can save you money, an airtight home may also become a haven for airborne pollutants. The best solution for ensuring that your indoor air quality isn’t compromised is to add ventilation.

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Troubleshooting for the Most Common Furnace Issues

Troubleshooting for the Most Common Furnace IssuesOne moment your furnace is working fine. The next moment it’s not. It happens all the time. Now, you may be asking yourself if you should call your HVAC technician, or if the problem could be something you might fix. Actually, many furnace problems can be resolved without too much fuss or expense. Give the following furnace troubleshooting tips a go and see if you can get your furnace or heat pump going!

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