Fall Checklist: HVAC Maintenance

Fall Checklist: HVAC MaintenanceWhen fall hits, it’s time to think about keeping your home in good, working order, which includes giving your HVAC system a little TLC. By performing a bit of preventive maintenance on your HVAC system during the fall, you will be able to move into winter with confidence.

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Can Grilling Affect IAQ?

Can Grilling Affect IAQ?Keeping your indoor air quality (IAQ) high and grilling on the patio or in the kitchen might be an oxymoron. The combustion fuels that grilling requires, along with the smoke grilling creates, has bad effects on IAQ. Fortunately, poor IAQ while grilling is avoidable.

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Finding the Right Humidity for Your Nursery

Finding the Right Humidity for Your NurseryIf you’re the parent of an infant, you may wonder what level of humidity is best in the nursery. It turns out that the proper baby room humidity level is the same for all of us — between 30 and 60 percent. Keeping the humidity below 60 percent is of particular consequence for controlling mold.

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Using Your HVAC to Combat Back-to-School Germs

Using Your HVAC to Combat Back-to-School GermsWith the kids back in school, you might start thinking that you can take it a little easier in your daily routine. Well, think again! The truth is that your kids will now be bringing germs into your household in record numbers. Luckily, fighting germs with HVAC strategies will work wonders in keeping your home safe.

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Attic Safety in Summer

Attic Safety in SummerSummer is a great time for homeowners to tend to various chores that they’ve been putting off for far too long, and that includes tasks in the attic such as cleaning up, installing insulation, sealing leaks, etc. Working in the attic can sometimes be dangerous, especially with the added heat of the season, so let’s take a look at a few attic safety tips that you should follow:

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Family Safety and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Family Safety and Carbon Monoxide DetectorsBecause it seems like less of a risk in the summertime, it’s easy to forget about carbon monoxide detectors. In reality, carbon monoxide (CO) is a hazard year-round indoors and out for every air-breathing member of your family. CO causes suffocation by replacing the oxygen in your bloodstream. Besides the gas appliances in your home, CO comes from attached garages, barbecue grills, lawn equipment and watercraft.

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Energy Efficiency and the Stack Effect

Energy Efficiency and the Stack EffectThe stack effect is a term that refers to warm air movement and it’s important to know because it affects energy efficiency. If you’ve ever built a fire in a campfire ring, a wood stove, or a fireplace, you’ve probably seen the stack effect in motion. As the kindling burns, the air warms and the fire starts to pull air into it, creating a stronger draft. The hotter the air gets inside the burn chamber, the faster the fire pulls air into it.


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How to Deal with Moisture Around A/C Vents

How to Deal with Moisture Around A/C VentsWhen you see signs of moisture around your HVAC vents, whether in the form of water stains or condensation, the problem should be addressed immediately so that damage doesn’t worsen. There could be any one of several reasons why the vent moisture is occurring, and you may need a professional opinion to help you figure it out.

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IAQ Concerns: Candles

IAQ Concerns: CandlesCandles have never been more popular as an accent item in home decor. As they burn, they add a romantic, warm touch to the ambiance; scented candles in particular are valued not only for their soothing nose appeal, but also for their benefits in the practice of aromatherapy.

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HVAC Usage and Time-Variant Pricing

HVAC Usage and Time-Variant PricingElectricity providers throughout the U.S. offer programs to help their customers cut energy costs by using time-variant pricing. Under these programs, the utility varies its kilowatt (kW) charges based on the time of day it was used. Off-peak hours have a low kW charge, while peak times cost far more.

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