The Basics of HVAC Diffusers

Do you want your home’s air to have a nice, refreshing scent? An air freshener can improve the air in a single room, but with an HVAC diffuser, you can spread that fresh scent to the entire house. How do they work? Is it worthwhile to have one in your home? Let’s take a closer look at HVAC diffusers.

How HVAC DIffusers Work

As its name implies, an HVAC diffuser works in conjunction with your HVAC system. The diffuser is filled with essential oils, which it adds to the air that runs through your system. Then, as the air flows into your home, it carries with it the added scent of essential oil, all through the house.

You can fill it with whatever oil you like, or a combination of several. It’s easy to install in your system, and you can program the amount of oil you want to use, depending on personal preference. You can have just a hint of the scent in the air, or turn it up to impress guests. You can also set it to diffuse at specific times, based on your schedule.

Benefits of a Diffuser

In addition to a variety of scents for your home, essential oils are thought to have plenty of other benefits. Different oils are said to relieve stress, improve your general health, and even remove mold and other contaminants from the air, improving your indoor air quality. Do some research and find a combination of different scents and health benefits that appeals to you.

You need to be careful, though. Some oils that are sold in stores aren’t as pure and healthy as they’re made out to be. Many include perfumes or fragrances that are made up of artificial chemicals. These chemicals may be harmful to your air quality, particularly causing problems with allergies and asthma. When filling your diffuser, look for 100 percent pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, rather than oils that have been diluted, or have other chemicals added.

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