How Do Cold-Weather Climates Affect Your AC Unit?

How Do Cold-Weather Climates Affect Your AC Unit?

Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer. Time to turn on the AC again. Will all be OK, though? After all, it’s been sitting outside through the winter weather. Could that damage the system or make it run less efficiently? Here’s how cold-weather climates affect air conditioners.

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Ten Years from Now, What Will the Future of the HVAC Industry Be Like?

HVAC technology has been advancing at an exciting rate over the past few years, and by the look of things, it seems the trend is sure to continue. What are some of the improvements and changes that we’re likely to see in the next few years? Here’s a brief look into the future of HVAC. Read More »

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Try These Cleaning Tips to Improve Your Spring IAQ

Your indoor air quality is often in flux, but thanks to spring cleaning, you can get everything balanced again. We’d like to help you get started, so we’ve put together a quick list of cleaning tips that will make improving IAQ in spring a reality. Read More »

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Want to Avoid Spring Allergies? Then Follow These HVAC Tips.

Spring is a gorgeous time of year, but it also means an increase in allergy symptoms. If this is a troubling time for you, follow these simple HVAC tips to reduce the frequency of spring allergies: Read More »

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With Winter Over, Make a Smooth Transition to Cooling

Transitioning to cooling after winter is done doesn’t have to be difficult, but it’s important that you take the initiative to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We’d like to get you started with these simple steps that will help you prepare: Read More »

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How Long Is Too Long to Heat or Cool Your Home?

Your HVAC system goes through cycles of heating or cooling as needed in order to keep your Coastal Bend home comfortable. How long should these cycles be, and how often should they happen? Here, find out more about setting HVAC cycles to get the most efficiency out of your heating or cooling system. Read More »

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With Tax Season Upon Us, Be Sure to Achieve HVAC Cost Savings

Whether or not you end up paying Uncle Sam more in taxes this year, you certainly don’t want to be troubled by high heating and cooling bills too. Here are some simple HVAC cost-savings tips that will save you money and maybe even a little sanity: Read More »

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How to Decide Between Oil and Gas Furnaces

If you’re considering a heating system for your home, the issue of oil vs. gas furnaces may come up. Both systems are in use in residential applications, and both have a long history of providing reliable home heating. In the United States, more than 50% of homes currently use natural gas heating, while about 8% use oil. Here’s a brief compare-and-contrast of oil vs. gas furnaces. Read More »

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Not All HVAC Maintenance Is the Same — It Depends on the Season

Did you know that preventative HVAC maintenance is recommended not once but twice a year? That’s because in different seasons, you use different equipment, of course. In fall, an HVAC tech will look mainly at the furnace or other heating equipment, while in the spring, the tech will inspect the air conditioner. However, a technician will also look at certain equipment in both seasons, such as the thermostat, the air handler, and the controls.

Let’s delve a little deeper into seasonal HVAC care and how it affects your household comfort and budget. Read More »

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