One Room Too Cool? Another Room Too Warm? With A Zoning System, Your Whole Home’s Just Right

Keeping a consistent temperature throughout your home during Ontario’s long winter heating season can be a struggle. If you have a traditional single-thermostat, forced-air heating system, one of the biggest drawbacks is that there is no way to control the temperature of each room in your home individually. As a result some rooms are too hot, some rooms are too cold, and there can be disagreements between family members about how high to set the thermostat.

One way to handle this problem is to install a zoned heating system. Zoning systems allow you to set different temperatures for different rooms or zones within your home. So, for example, you could set a warmer temperature in the basement where it’s normally too cold and a cooler temperature in the attic loft where it’s normally too warm. Another option would be to keep the heat higher in rooms that are regularly occupied and lower in rooms that are seldom used. Essentially, zoning systems give you complete control over your home’s heating.

The benefit of installing one of these systems is that you can save money on your power bills by only heating the spaces that need it most. Not only that, but you can improve the comfort of your home and make all of your family members happy since they can individually adjust the temperature of their own room.

Zoning systems can typically be installed directly into your existing heating system. Typically, all it takes to make the change is new thermostats, ductwork modifications, motorized dampers and a control panel to operate the system. Although there is an initial upfront investment to get one of these systems up and running, it can be well worth it for the energy savings and improved comfort.

If you live in the Simcoe area and would like to learn more about how one of these systems can benefit your home, contact us at Causyn Cooling & Heating Ltd.

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