Top Reasons to Stick with a Variable Speed Furnace

Top Reasons to Stick with a Variable Speed FurnaceUnlike single-speed airflow, a variable speed furnace blower can set the standard for both home comfort and efficiency. Conventional furnace blowers offer two airflow settings — 100 percent or nothing.

As such, your rooms are blasted with hot air at full output when the system cycles on, and is then deprived of warmth when the system turns off. What’s more, the PSC (permanent split capacitor) motors in these units consume excessive amounts of  electricity, making even a gas-fired furnace a major contributor to high electrical costs.

Today’s variable speed furnace blower operates more efficiently over a wide range of air volume. From high output to warm a chilly home to gentle circulation of air for consistent indoor temperatures, a variable-speed furnace also provides the following advantages:

Lower Operating Costs

The electronically commutated motor (ECM) technology incorporated in a variable speed blower sips electricity. Compared to an old-school PSC motor, a variable speed unit consumes only about a third as much power for immediate savings on your monthly energy bill.

Greater Comfort

The temperature spikes and sags of single-speed operation are smoothed out to more consistent heating that stays within one to two degrees of the thermostat setting. Cold spots and overly heated rooms are eliminated as consistent air circulation infuses your whole home with warmth more effectively.

Cleaner Air

Your heating system filters only when the blower’s circulating air. Since a single-speed blower cycles on and off frequently, air filtration is erratic, causing particulates and allergens to accumulate in the air. Because a variable speed motor runs nearly continuously, air filtration is uninterrupted, improving indoor air quality.

Less Noise

The sudden influx of rushing air as a single-speed blower cycles on can be very conspicuous, particularly when the house is quiet at night. Furthermore, continuous high air volume generates more duct noises in thin sheet metal ductwork. Lower output variable speed motors are whisper-quiet.

In Corpus Christi, contact CCAC. for more information about adding the benefits of a variable speed furnace to your home.

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