Thermostat Reading: Is It the Right Temperature?

Thermostat Reading: Is It the Right Temperature?Many things affect the accuracy of a thermostat temperature reading. This, in turn, affects your home comfort and energy efficiency because your HVAC system will be receiving the wrong data. Here are some situations that can lead to your thermostat displaying the wrong temperature.

Thermostat Installed in the Wrong Location

To give an accurate reading, a thermostat should be installed away from sources of heat or cold. This includes installing them away from drafty windows or a hot stove. Thermostats placed in direct sunlight will give a higher reading, and thermostats placed near cold drafts will give lower readings, for example. In both cases, your heating and cooling system will receive incorrect data and you won’t experience the kind of climate control you should expect.

In addition, the thermostat should be installed at the correct height, which is approximately five feet high. Remember that cool air sinks while hot air rises. Installing the thermostat at the correct height ensures that it can provide a reading that coincides more accurately to the temperature you experience as you walk through your home.

Thermostat is Dirty or Aged

Dust and corrosion are bad news for any sensitive electronic device, including a thermostat. Having it professionally inspected and cleaned will quickly determine if one of these factors is the culprit behind faulty readings.

Thermostat is Tilted

Older thermostats containing mercury have to be mounted level on the wall or they will never provide a correct temperature reading.

Batteries are Losing Power

This is an easy solution for problems with wireless thermostats, but it is often overlooked. It is easy to forget that the batteries might be dead or dying.

Thermostat has a Technical Malfunction

The sensor could be malfunctioning, the wiring could be loose, or it could have been affected by a recent power outage. If this is the problem, you might be able to have it repaired. However, if your thermostat is several years old, consider replacing it with an energy-saving programmable thermostat.

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