HVAC Changes in the Last 5 Years

HVAC technology is evolving yearly due to advancements made in equipment and systems. The last five years have a seen a significant number of HVAC technology changes that aim to increase customer utility and enhance energy efficiency. This article looks at the brief HVAC history of the last five years.

In 2014, industrial HVAC had started integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into its products with companies such as Thermocable, Vickers Energy, and Concirrus designing internet-connected monitoring systems that allowed HVAC professionals to diagnose and monitor air conditioner (A/C) issues remotely.

Apart from Internet connectivity, the widespread adoption of solar power and smart home technology are all relatively new developments with wide-reaching implications for the HVAC industry.

Smart Home Technology

In 2015, the US Department of Energy and a number of HVAC companies began research into non-vapor compression technologies to replace vapor compression systems. So far, there are two viable alternatives discovered – membrane heat pumps and thermoelastic cooling systems.

According to IoT Analytics, 2015 saw a 123 percent growth in global smart thermostat market, which indicated that smart home had finally become mainstream.

In 2016, smart thermostats and ventilation systems had already hit the market. The former allows you to control certain aspects of your indoor air quality (like temperature) remotely using your smartphone. Smart ventilation uses sensors to monitor and control airflow in your home.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Though variable refrigerant flow (VRF) is not a new technology, connecting it to your home automation system and controlling it remotely is new. It allows you to adjust the temperature in different rooms.

Energy Efficient HVAC System

Perhaps the biggest change in the last five years has been the increased interaction between HVAC monitoring systems and utility companies. The wealth of A/C data shared with utility companies is used as a smart grid energy stabilization tool, which is an unprecedented move in HVAC history.

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