Smart Heating: What It Is and Why to Invest

smart heatingIf you’re tired of higher heating bills during the winter, smart heating offers an effective way to lower them. This type of heating involves the use of a thermostat with certain technological features that can make adjustments to your settings and help you reduce your HVAC energy usage. Switching to this type of heating offers the following benefits for your Coastal Bend home.

It Learns Your Habits and Preferences

Some types of smart thermostats can learn your daily habits and the temperatures you prefer when you’re home. These thermostats store this information and use it to automatically raise or lower temperature settings throughout the day as needed.

It’s Wi-Fi-Enabled

Smart thermostats that are Wi-Fi-enabled allow you to control them remotely. Whether you’re in a certain part of your house, on the road, at work, or at the store, you can adjust your settings on a smartphone or tablet. These thermostats usually come with an app that makes it possible for you to check in on your home’s temperature throughout the day and adjust it if needed.

It Offers Zoned Heating Options

Some smart thermostats come with the ability to set up heating zones in your home. This is beneficial if you usually have one or more areas of your home that are colder than the rest. Rather than having to turn your smart thermostat up for your whole home, you can have it adjust the settings for specific rooms or areas.

It Gives You Increased Energy Savings

Smart thermostats can help you lower your energy usage overall, especially if you get one that can also control your hot water. Some smart thermostats are equipped to adjust hot-water settings along with heater settings for added energy savings.

It Has Money-Tracking Features

Some thermostats have features that allow you to track how much you spend on heating. This can help you determine where and when to make changes to your heat settings during the winter.

If you want smart heating for your home in the Coastal Bend area, please contact CCAC. We can help you choose the best option for reducing your heating bills and energy usage.

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