How Often Should I Have My HVAC Ducts Checked?

Your air ducts are likely somewhere out of sight, such as the attic, basement, or encased in a chase. Perhaps it’s not that easy for you to get access to them so that you can check them out to make sure they are not causing you to waste energy. That’s how your HVAC consultant can help improve duct efficiency.

What’s With Your HVAC Ducts?

You might wonder why your ducts would ever need inspecting, since for the most part, they just lie quietly, never being disturbed. But that’s not quite accurate. Over the years, a lot of air goes through them so that they are always expanding and contracting. The metal can become fatigued and develop cracks or gaps. Also, segments can come loose so that conditioned air leaks out and unconditioned air gets inside.

Additionally, whenever you hire a technician to do other work in the attic or basement, the ducts may be disturbed or damaged without you even knowing it.

Ducts that develop leaks compromise your HVAC system’s efficiency. Even the newest, most efficient equipment on the market won’t live up to its potential if the ducts are leaking air.

What’s more, humidity can get into the ductwork, making your home seem warmer in the summer, so that you need to turn down the thermostat more than you would otherwise. Furthermore, dust and other pollution may enter the system and wreak havoc with your indoor air quality.

What to Do?

Obviously, we’re a big fan of duct inspections — if not every year, then now and then. Your HVAC tech can have a look and assess if your ducts need maintenance. It may also be that your duct design is not efficient or that the ducts themselves are not adequate for the kind of HVAC system you have. Perhaps you need to upgrade to ducts that can handle a greater volume of air. An inspection can also help determine if your ducts are dirty and might need cleaning.

For more on duct efficiency, contact CCAC. We provide quality service in the Corpus Christi area.

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